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"Songs of the Underground" - a RE-MIX of "Songs of Revolution"

2017, 78 mins, exclusive to certain screenings


Songs of the Underground is a re-mixed version of Songs of Revolution.

It is shorter, documentary-only, and has some different and extra material in it.

It captures the current moment in Greece, of musicians of an alternative bent, as they actively perform, even if some of them have been around for decades.

They perform with passion and they also speak with passion, their songs and thoughts one small piece of resistance to the powers that be.

All together they combine to create a formidable presence of protest in the Greek social and political landscape.


Songs of the Underground screens on Friday, May 26, 2017, at 20:00, at the Athens B-Fest, at the School of Fine Arts. More information here.

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Greek-Australian film director Bill Mousoulis (with camerawork by B-Fest organizer Tasos Avouris) presents a documentrary portrait of some of Greece’s underground music artists, and their songs of resistance and anger: troubadour Antouan Parinis, legend Dimitris Poulikakos, iconoclast Thanos Kois, Exarcheian band Alpha Bang, punk band OUST!, hip hoppers Flowjob, Cretan singer Yiagos Hairetis, amongst others.

Interviews and performances interweave, as we hear the history of Greek alternative music, from rembetika to rock to punk to hip hop.

Includes footage from the actors’ workshop at last year’s B-Fest, where participants spoke about their favourite Greek revolutionary songs.

Director Bill Mousoulis and musician Antouan Parinis (flying in from Germany) and other musicans will introduce the film and participate in a Q&A afterwards.

music and interviews by: Antouan Parinis, Dimitris Poulikakos, Thanos Kois, OUST!, Alpha Bang, Katerina Konstantinou, Anthea Sidiropoulos, Fagouroskoni, Yiagos Hairetis, Social Waste. (This re-mix film has some extended and different interviews with some of these artists, and extra music by Dimitris Poulikakos and Alpha Bang.)

further music by: Lost Bodies, George Avouris, Stavros Ziogas, Paraskevi Thymeli, Flowjob, Pigs in Space, Jerome Kaluta, Mikko Papadopoulos Laitinen, Lostre High Van Eros, Vangelis Machairas, Kostas Mihalos. (This re-mix film also has extra artists: Bandallusia, Zatri, Odinires Kravges, and also extra music by Lost Bodies.)

further interview by: Tasos Avouris, Markos Pinakoulakis, Natalie Kappa, George Gogos, Dimitra Athanasopoulou, Irene Gouzou, Dimitris Konstantinou Hautecoeur, Nikos Aggelakopoulos.

directed by Bill Mousoulis    producers Bill & Vicky Mousoulis    co-producers Dimitris Athanitis & Tasos Avouris
cinematographers Theodore Karamanolis & Tasos Avouris & Bill Mousoulis
production assistant  George Avouris    photographer  Vicky Mousoulis
© Innersense Productions 2017